Verse​-​a​-​tility: Colours of the Rainbow

by Mean

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"Verse-a-tility: Colours of the Rainbow" is a mini-mixtape to introduce XS.1 Class of 2010 freshman; Mean. Like the colours of the rainbow, this project is diverse in its sound and is a representation of Mean's craft and adaptability in music.


released August 22, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: Remember The Name
Utilising verses to express my deepest thoughts
verse-a-tility / my craft in art at fixing broken thoughts
I / am not a slave / never ever to the game
I will never be a victim / i am not in search for fame
but remember the name / remember my name
my sound is undefined / never ever the same
same voice / different styles / that's what i proclaim
now i represent the tag at the end of my name / XS
Track Name: Down With The X (Feat. Azrael & DoggFace)
[verse 1 - Azrael]

its azrael,doggface with the homie mean/
when the flow turn green you know what it mean/
berserker barrage through the scene call me wolverine/
rhyme sharper than the blade of a gullotine
we sound local but to foreigners we foreign/
I am singaporean thats why the flow is orient/
plus i am malay so i'd rather flow lazy/
but im known to switch styles / schitzo = crazy/88/
rhyme gladiators so we gladiate/
you talk about your shine but our glow done radiate/
i dont just fly/ i pilot the pen so i aviate/
travel back in rhyme when the regiment rejuvenate/
before them tight jeans got accepted we done rocked that/
before jigga killed the colour palettes we been all black/
everytime we take over the city/ you gon fall back
everytime i rhyme i leave a message/ call back
i progress but i never forget the past/
and i live for every moment like the moment was my last...
cross my heart like the x across my chest/
if you down wit xs then you rollin with the best/


if you got something to say then better say it loud the regiment yeah we be wildin' out
we be takin you higher, bringin you up,
if you be / down with the X, down, down with the X
i'm down with the X, down, down with the X

[Verse 2 - Mean]

its a / brand new day and i'm dawning all black
i'm down with the X yeah you know we all that
fuck the haters so show me where the love at
doggface face on the track / he bringin it back
see the dogg in our face / and we ripping the set
the cat on the track but i don't be purring
hear me loud and clear i don't be slurring
i sing i rap and i'll still be jerkin
i don't stutter but ya'll know who do better
friends coming up to me say dude you're getting fatter
but i don't give fuck yeah i'm still eating my cheddar
see i'm stepping my game up just wait for your death letter
i'm mean / but i'm so nice
shit so stinky / full of flies
flow so cold / you can call it ice
rhymes so real / never call it lies
x'strology / know i'm a star
no intros / just know who i are
the vision is here / never look too far
the reason is clear / got no holds barred
azreal as it gets, got X with the S
no questions is asked, you know who be the best
rhymes in my brain, yes i got excess
fill in the blanks, the name.XS


[verse 3 - Doggface]

Track Name: Just Friends (Feat. Flix & Rae)
[chorus - Mean & Rae]

baby i can't (stop x 4) thinking about you
all this while we were just friends, just the two of us (ooh)
and my heart skips a beat everytime i think about you
maybe you can help sort this out, Oh what should i do?

[verse 1 - Mean]

let the water remain calm, let us avoid the ripples
i take a step back to avoid the undesired trickles
rolling down across my heart, yours, never. i giggle
at the thought of us being together, truly a sequel
let us remain un-labelled, un-named and untagged
un-pronounced lovers, yeah its there for a fact
that you and i are clearly in love, and there's nothing we can do about it,
unless we surrender under the attack
so pass me the water just so i can quench my thirst
this love i have for you is raw and its unrehearsed
i serve my heart for you on a plate, so we can share the perfect moments
of us together i kept in my heart, to-date
so its never too late, we can move on from here
i think i don't want us to be just friends, my dear
i'm hoping for you to say that nothing will change and that you love me for who i am
is what i truly want to hear


[Verse 2 - Flix]

i read the lines in your eyes they telling me you're different
i got your song in my ears to fill my awkward silence
you get my eyes to you with undivided attention
and i love it, hanging around with your presence
we could fold paperplanes and see how far we go
we could interlock our hands and i'll never let you go
she, the only one that equalise my highs and lows
she, the only one that puts a spark in my tempo
but she that rock chick, i'm on this hip hop beat
she love the guitar strings, i'm tangled with my rhymes and lyrics
she makes my heart sinks when she dresses up in skinny jeans
she makes my heart beats but it beats on a different metronome?
i'm not your kinda guy, boyfriend material
i'm your type of friend that shares your cereal
and maybe we're not meant to blend
so don't make amends and lets be just friends

Track Name: 32 Bars
imma leave my writings pure / something like sahara white
leave my letters flipping on my words / like vanna white
can't get outta house / without never ever looking right
keep my legs fat as hell / so my jeans be looking tight
serve the beef medium rare / so that i can have a bite
wanna come settle scores / i'm ready to have a fight
better put your glasses on / my future be looking bright
imma be the sun / yes the one with the shining light
the x'strology / XS / yeah we do it right
imma be the best / till the last / when i switch my plight
leave you bitches suffering on earth / when i take my flight
into outerspace / leave my face / haunting in your sight
let you feel the heat / from the spice / when you have a bite
from the spiceman / of the century / i'm mean alright
have a taste of the best / XS / cause a fright
leave you screaming for help / (argh) day and night
wait *inhale* let me take a breathe so that i don't stop
keep laying my words / like steps to the top
spit heavy / like a fat boy when it drops
cause a ruckus / like the economy when it flops
keep my lines short / like hair when its cropped
keep my style clean / spick and span / like its mopped
keep the content dirty / like your bed / when its rocked
keep the rhymes going / even when my jaw is locked
spit a couple rounds / from my mouth / like a glock
got plenty of rhymes / so much time on my clock
wanna search for fame / oh your shine i will block
Xs like a family of birds / we will flock
no i can't be stopped / no the mic will never drop
i pick up the pen / let me prescribe the pills you pop
i'm professor X / leave it to me to do my job
i'm done with 32 / so it ends with a full stop
Track Name: The Right Words (Feat. Kill Bill, Flix & Young)
[verse 1 - Mean]

can't find the right words to start off this song
baby if it takes forever then i'll be holding on
onto this love we shared that i thought that we would never have
but baby you and i can never be together
and all this while we were involved in a love triangle
that'll never be resolved
break my heart so you can save another soul
our love will everlast and never grow old

[chorus - Mean]

this ain't another sad song
eventhough we didn't last long
i hope you find the right man
i will do what i can /to be a better man

[verse 2 - Mean & Killbill]


the map we started never got the chance to find the treasure
would you give me the chance to go on loving you forever
despite the broken tracks, i'll try to make things work
rebuild the roads so we can get on track from where we left off


girl i can't find the right words to say
i can't understand why i'm feeling this way
lets turn back in time let z turn to a
tell me the right words to say so just so you would stay
you said we'll last forever but now thats all gone to waste
let the stars turn to grey, were we a mistake?
can he ever take my place
will he ever treat the same
if he does then i'll pack and i'll leave you today
someday i hope that baby we can touch the sky i
promise we'll never end for you i will try i
if we can't then let us be a memory
but i'll be finding the right words til the death of me


[Verse 3 - Flix & Young]


this is san script and its antics
i couldn't find the right words for this music
girl i love you, and i hate you
i reminise the epic times i was lovesick
our love was meant to be magic
hop on take a ride,
we gonn travel on my spaceship
yeah just fuck it, just rock it
let the world orbits
round damn planet
my spaceship broke down
you leaving me now
i couldn't find the right words
and now its all gone
you never look back
you leave my ship wrecked
i came in peace
now u leaving me in pieces
bermuda triangle
it took my love away from me
fairytale fantasies
how can i be so naive
i couldn't find the right word
i couldn't find the right word
break my heart so
you can save another soul


girl, i say the right words
you know i'm the right man
when you take my right hand
i'll take you to a place and
we can watch the sunset
you know i've got my eyes set on you
and nobody but you
and no one else but you forever

Track Name: Move It (Feat. Kill Bill & Yennadoushiii)
[chorus - Mean]

get the fuck outta the way / you bitches better back off
you are now listening to the three and most best of
lion city we are here / so pack your shit up
and move move move (move it x5)

[verse 1 - Mean]

pack your bags and leave make way for the new wave
ill bred, mad style / i'm the new crave
got them bitches talkin smack /yeah i'm the new rave
bright as the sun / eyes blinded by this new face
don't give fuck bout you and your two face
your words stink so let me pass you a toothpaste
maybe a punch or two for a new face
hit your fucking lights / got you stuck in a bad daze
a bad phase for you when i embrace
the raw style technique that i engage
the kingkong that got you smashed in the rampage
not making sense / harassing you with the outrage
don't all these fuckers do the same shit
i'm doing you a favour / i'm showing you where the exit is
i'm done with my verse /so leave it as it is
see you fuckers next time / that's it, peace

[pre-chorus - Mean]

to all my fellas in the left just move
to all my fellas in the left just groove
if you down with da X / then move with us
if you ain't / step aside / move away from us


[verse 2 - Kill Bill]

just move it / its about time you get down
hands down / you little pussies should back down
better bend down / let me stick my dick up
cummin in your mouth / here's some water for hiccups
its a bad break up between you and rap
when i spit in the microphone / time for you to pack up
yeah i thought Mean said it before
the time is running up bitch / what you waiting for
with your swag and all / we got you running back and forth
different pedestral / you wanna battle call
i'll come in battle mode
never need a cough syrup in my coke
now pass me my smokes / i'll burn these emcees up
they lead the rallies up / my middle finger's up
move before this baseball bat says bonjour
are you still listenin didn't i fucking tell you to

[pre - chorus]


[verse 3 - Yenadoushiii]

i'll be the emcee / move crowds like moses
split the seas / like how i spit them posers
be cautious / we be the rap abusers
words hit hard / you can call us bruisers
step behind the line / or you might diffuse us
wait / i might just have to repeat this
stand behind the line / don't touch my masterpiece
i whack emcees / cos you're a wack emcee
if einstein's smart / then imma be wiser
we know the streets so well / and there ain't gonna be another
cps these suckers be the cock-a-doodle-doo
like a cock / what they see they doodly-doo
low IQ / they know nuts / they just label
we the real deal and we irreplaceable
to the left, to the left / i'm not the mr me too
so baby, baby imma be the mr do you / so move
Track Name: Heart Entire
[verse - Mean]

your heart, the entire / your love i require
i lust for your touch / for your burning desire
the thoughts of you will always live in my head
my heart / my soul / even when i am in bed
dreams within dreams / only you that i see
the love that i give / only you that i need
the beat of heart / only you can provide
the gift of my art / only in you that i reside / so
please do allow me to recite my love for you / and i
promise to be forever ever faithful to / our everlasting love
cos you're a gift from god / a sample sent from above / and
i put it all on the line for you / i'm obsessed / and i ain't even gonna lie
will you / hop on my plane so we can fly to greater heights
will you / promise to always be there by my side
just friends / may we forever be
puttin' a name to our love / i will never breathe
the same way that i did before
with your love i shall live / just as long as we believe

[chorus x 3]

your heart, the entire / your love i require

cos i lust for your touch / for your burning desire
Track Name: Love.Peace.Unity
[verse 1]

let me pour out my heart into your cup / fill you up
with the bottled emotions deep inside my heart
the love i share for my family / yeah my flesh and blood
not forgetting my family / the ones bonded by art
thank you for the support and the love and care
screw the manliness i think we've all had our fair share
of emotional distress / when you need a listening ear
a helping hand in times of our deepest darkest fears
and in the years to come / you sit back and think its time
to let go and leave behind / the bad stuff that's in your mind
keep the best and greatest times / that you've had throughout your life
let me thank you once again for showing me the meaning of life / So

[chorus x 2]

love, peace, unity
the bond that keeps us stronger
the love that can do wonders

[verse 2]

see / friends are like family / love peace unity
too many names for me to list down / so please forgive me
for not doing so / i'm not being cold /
got love for all ya'll until the day that i grow old
lay my heart on the table / let me serve it to you raw
let me show you my gratitude / and maybe even more / pause
cause / i've got nothing more to give but my heart and my time
maybe a couple of rhymes /
a pair of hands to offer help / when you need me / call me up
i'll be there to lend a hand / whenever i can
cos at the end of the day / what matters most is how you live your life
so keep your friends close and the spirit alive

[chorus x 2]

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