Basic (feat. Deeranae)

from by Mean

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[Verse 1 - Mean]:
I put in work / I get paid
No competition / I’ve been great
I go hard for that pound cake
These basic bitches just love to hate
No Gucci, No Prada but still I’m dressed in designer
I kop my sneaks from boutiques
You kop your shit from Foot Locker, bitch
Still imma clap back on these wack cats
And I drop bombs when I hijack
This is war not in Iraq / Imma snap necks
Never cooked crack from the pyrex
But I cook crack with my rat pack
And we bout dat
Gettin’ cheddar / Stackin paper / Fuck a hater
Now kill ‘em with the whole crew
You ain’t never been about it, Nah
And I doubt it, cuh
So come and tell me what you gon’ do
Let’s face it, you basic
Stay broke ‘cos you’re never gonna make it
I made it / No airplay
Stay six feet underground / Dead heat
Think you “Been Trill” but we know that you fake it
All of this cake on me, homie, I baked it
Cut off a slice and I’m still gonna make it
Been on a diet, workout just to stay fit
No basics, it’s only luxury when it comes to me
Don’t envy me / I’m the MVP
I’m everything that you wanna be (shit)
Homie, I done did what you hoped to
Still sip juice, let it hang loose
Still spit truth when I’m in the booth

‘Cos you a basic bitch
You a – You a basic bitch (No doubt)
‘Cos you a basic bitch
You a – You a basic bitch (Damn right)
‘Cos you a basic bitch
You a – You a basic bitch (I said it)
‘Cos you a basic bitch
You a – You a basic bitch (‘Cos I don’t fucks with no)

Basic, Basic, Basic (Bitches) x 4

[Verse 2 - Mean]:
You basic and I’m complex
No magazine in my contacts
Stay independent / No contracts
Fresh to death ‘cos I’m all that
Push the crack / Now you on that
You basic bitches better fall back
Stand down / It’s a man down
Hands down / Bitch, who got the best sound
You a clown hoe and you basic
Now get down low ‘cos the bass sick
Let’s pop the bottle get wasted
Drink till the last drop / don’t waste it
Party all night and I don’t wanna stop
We causing a ruckus / they calling the cops
All of these bitches they come in the flock
Hand ‘em the bread / they go straight for the cock
Top of the food chain and on my wrist I got 2 chains
Don’t sniff but I spit that Cocaine
Propane / Bust flames when I’m insane
You lame and you know you got no game
I came, I soar and I conquered
You came, you lost and you butt hurt
I know, you know that I got work
You bitches look the same
And it’s driving me insane
I just wanna stack the paper
‘Cos I wanna make it rain
Better grab an umbrella ‘cos I’m stackin’ my bread up
There is no propaganda
But this is V for Vendetta, snitch


[Verse 3 - Deeranae]:
You basic bitches, get out of my face
You’re suffocating my personal space
You think you bad? You big disgrace
Trippin’ hard / Bitch, tie your shoe laces
Can’t buy my class, I’m in the fast lane
Yeah, you’ve got money but I’ve got game
I’m stunting with the big boys / Bitch, you a lame
‘Cos I’m the baddest bitch / I can’t be tamed
I’m red riding from the hood-hood
Basket full of good-good
My man’s in the mood-mood
Feed him with my junk food (Hah!)
You know how he love that
I’m on another level / Watchu know, brat?
I don’t fuck with basics / you should know that
You unoriginal / you a copycat
You don’t belong, girl / Stay in your habitat
Cat got your tongue? / I’m a bad pussycat
What if you’ve got what it takes?
What if you’ve got expensive taste?
You think that you’re all that? Bitch behave
You can never hold it down like I do anyways
Once you’re basic, you can’t go back
Bitch you fake it and that’s a fact
You tryna compete me with the shit you bought?
Don’t talk to me about it ‘cos you know I’ve got
YSL on my lips, designer on my hips
Get down with the beats as I come with the hits (heat)
Hot like the Hamasaki’s in Milan
Watch the baddest strut in her Isabel Marant
See me walk my talk / you know I’ve got my own
Independent like Azalea working for my Louboutins
Now bitch, be gone
Excuse me while I be sitting on my throne



from NSFW: Not Safe For Work, released November 21, 2015
Written by: Mean & Deeranae
Produced by: Mean


all rights reserved


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