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In Flight

by Mean

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In Flight 03:03
Light it up and let it burn I inhale then I watch it swirl I’m in flight on that purple smoke Feeling like i’m on top of the world I picture us in gold frames, in black jawnz and gold chain in purp rain Its so strange how things change but don’t fame? Make you a better man to help you better understand that life’s a bitch with killer plans I’m way too deep in satan’s hand I’m just another man who’s looking out to make amends Wait, fuck that I’m lightin’ up another blunt and play pretend Vivid scenes in my lucid dreams How i’m always high on promethazine, seeing things in clarity Excuse the charity of thoughts I could do without but i’m one with my soul when i’m in flight with these clouds Forget about the world i’m in and just lay back when i’m in flight Dance around with my hands in the air when i’m in flight I see the earth keep moving in slow motion when i’m in flight Pretend that i’m the king of my universe when i’m in flight I’m burning mary with the fairies in Neverland on the weekends Playing tag with dragons in dungeons Blowing smoke till the week ends Sippin’ that purple potion I’m movin’ in slow motion Higher than a kite, in flight Skywalking across the oceans with my imaginary friends dressed in all black, on crack Intoxicated minds working on projects Chop and screwin‘ thoughts on that chemical E, slowly burning down trees Mother Nature would disagree You do the math-amphetamine I count the stacks of dough i’m making daily like a dreams is what it seems double cups, double cuffs, double the dosage Crowd surfing the clouds I’m still standing here proud
(Mean) Raf Simons vandal boots be the Holy Grail That Junya Watanabe still a fairy tale Shine like bright lights hangin’ on the ferris wheel I grind like tough soles stomping on the heavy steel I‘m heavy still, steady skilled Really i’m dressed to kill I swear I will murder cats in my Margiela GATs Workwear ready when I put on my bucket hat, chambray, Visvim Serra Boots and high water slacks I’m on another level, you still climbing the steps I’m bout that grown menswear, we of a different stat Chronograph watches tick-tock got all ‘em haters mad That wrist game proper (ching-ching) got all ’em haters scared Like Jil Sander cuts, I’m a real work of art Mixing lean, sippin’ pink, slowly strolling down the boulevard CDG Play’d out, your synergy way out My Superfuture mellow flow will blow your brains out I’ve got a little hope Come and save us from this ugly truth We do what’s neccesary By any means See dreams materialise We visionaries (Face Vega) I got this freckled bitch, she heavenless This freckled bitch, she never sips Just watch me get sloppy and cocky, hold down my posse, she got me coke in the nostrils of all the other bitches love my bitch she cop when my body is rocking lean withdrawals Cops couldn't stop us from mobbing We gon’ get it all Asshole task force, you can't get us all Black dogs, asphalt, leaning we dont fall We Pisa fiends, barely seen through the greenery Rap with the demons frequently So evil ain't a thing to me Raf simons and heathenry That leads my esteem increase He thinks he's the king so just leave him be My mise en scene is so fresh so clean I know I be, I know I be so naive but I'm a keep on steezin’ till death knows me (Ilohshix) All black hooded strapped with Guidi booted A Gareth Pugh kid with minds polluted by French martells by the shores of Marseille Coated in Martin Margiela Drkshdw ninja cartel With minimal beats and sick poems Style combination of Rick Owens A gamma playa who rang the bell of Jeff Mills We cold kids with chrome hearts and black steel Fuck a crack deal We’ve got more dope, they can hang us Sounds refined like Alexander Wang’s cuts Futuristic rhymes cyborgs of Chalayan Words from Zam Barrett’s dialogue got you silent Like the crafted works of Damir Doma Hit hard and kick your Kris Van Assche into a coma Then you rest in peace like Alexander Mcqueen Let this tune flow for the requiem
(Mean) If it ain’t about that life Don’t talk to me about it Ain’t no other way around it I’m after the paper I can’t live without it I work hard, I play hard but I sip slow Watch as the numbers grow I’m making my way to the top of the throne I’ve grown sick of this life So hand me a knife I sip crys, slit wrist Deceased disease, these lazy kids were born to die No wonder why I can’t survive this way of life Sativa devil diva smoke slowly creepin’ down my throat As I lay in my Givenchy clothes Bloody drippin’ on my toes Sacrificial art form We headstrong, no defeat These white leather Raf Simons sneakers on my feet got me feeling fly and or otherwise I disguise Take a hit i’m heading to the skies Tunnel vision to these haters just to survive when I arise from my sleep in a world full of lies Watch it burn and die out See the leaves wither Watch the river dry out These kids cry out Nobody’s listening they fail to keep an eye out Take a flight with me Take a hit and come fly with me Just let it burn (Azrael) As I watch the world turn Imma let the flame and the filament burn Most of us are too concerned for the things we yearn and the money we earn That we be forgettin’ about the beauty of life and the knowledge we learn We put in this world to live and relearn before the day we return Hear the voice of the voiceless cry out Tears in the eyes may dry out but the spirit can never die out, so carry the torch when the lights out We start a revolution to dethrone the king Then spark an evolution for the soul and being Its like the holy matrimony with eternity We cannot avoid the fact that life is too short and death is a certainty We dying to live but we living to die See the minutes and seconds go by With even the wise stilll wondering why We search for the cure only to find that death is the road to awe Even if our feet stay firm on the ground there's always a mode to soar Let me demonstrate how to levitate When you put your mind to another state If you could relate to the words I said Then we can affirm that god is great One day we shall return to where we came from Rise from the ashes i’m a phoenix when I flame on Fly high with a view from a bird’s eye See the world through the use of the third eye The truth will set us all free and that’s no lie Throw myself into the flames till I know I All praises due to the most high Burn self = ego death = No "I"
Cloud Castle 03:21
Dream big or don’t dream at all I pray hard that I won’t fall into that blackhole of nightmares I’m quite scared of the outcome of this rat race I’m fast paced diving deep into that casket I wanna live fast, die young and sip slow Puff pass that purple out the window All I think about is the money and chasing dreams Poppin' bottles and poppin' molly in movie scenes Crip walking to the bank in my freshest outfits Cashing out cheques, getting paid with outfits (With outfits?) Yeah man cos I’m that sick I’m obsessed with popping tags and fabrics Back in my castle, i’m getting stoned Two jugs of that mud, i’m already gone Back to reality, i’m sitting here alone still stoned while i’m writing away to this song Take a puff, I am up in the clouds I’ll be right in my throne The place that I call home In my cloud castle Don’t burst that bubble when i’m in my cloud castle Let me live like a king I’ll make it pop, let it ring I’ll aim the banger at your brain and then i’m making it sing Until you hear the sweet sound of death A toast to the royalty I’ll make these haters bow to me Unwillingly, beg for their lives to be spared ‘Cos now they hopeless and scared Don’t wanna live with the dead I see the fear in their eyes but I just kill ‘em instead While I take flights on purple coloured unicorns Versace silk robes I wear daily as a uniform Givenchy on my body there is nothing that can stop me or my posse Heavy artillery Bang Bang goes the sound of the gun Heavy pyrotechnic vision when I light up the blunt What we about? Yeah you know what we about Its a whole ’nother world when I descend from the clouds
Make 'Em 01:49
I am programmed to go HAM Look Ma, no hands, I go glam No plans just bang pop all the low end No can’t stop pop lock with the flow and get bass slapped in the face when I go in No ends, get on with the program Gold fangs, gold watch with the gold hands Go bang with the glock, if I can Turn up, turn up, we blow up Caked up from the feet up when I show up Throw up gang signs Po’ up, po’ up dat grime go puff pass that purp I got that, got that-that work I make ‘em haters berserk I make ’em bitches go twerk I make ‘em go Get-get that biscuit when I spit sick Get lit, I take hits of that mango Tango with the bankroll like i’m Rambo Flow faster than a lambo I go Poetic ammo with the style though Can’t fuck with the flow You know I roll with the best in the game We don’t fuck with the lames
(Mean) I crave for nicotine and cream Sip lean on blue dream Blazin’ up on that grass, I’m ‘bout to spaz out in these new jeans Balenciaga on the label, dirty Sprite right by the table Steady writing fables, polluting minds on open cables Pull out that glock I’m aiming straight for the dough Ain’t got no time for these haters I put a knife to their throats I’m ‘bout the cash and the clothes Take out you trash and dispose I’m bout the game and the glory I bring the game to the thrones I’m breaking bad with the meth These alphanumerical flows Take me to higher positions In flight, i’m one with the soul Drown me in liquor and gold Faded we drink to the morn’ That darkness inside me is screaming right down to the bone I’m slowly stacking the paper I’m steady counting the money A flying fuck to the haters who don’t believe in my glory I’m ‘bout the cream and the cars All the clothes and the kicks I want more to get by for as long as I live For the air I breathe Thank god for the gift Oh glory, glory, can’t you see? That I ain’t lyin’ I’m bout that shine So come pass me the liquor Drown me deep to the nine To outer space I done fly Spit magical with the rhymes Tactical flow with the style None come close when compared to mine Come on board my flight wave Haze tunes for your mind Design to live on a daily and that’s just how I get by Luxury rap shit to front when I can hardly get by I’m sick of working my ass off striving so hard to survive I work hard for the paper I play hard fuck ‘em hater (Faytes) In and out of ’em towns In and out of ‘em streets When I come around don’t watch me When I come around don’t speak I been getting all of the pounds So you know the carti ain’t cheap I been out there with a white man I been out there with a B and I don’t smoke nothing but weed I just sold B to get P Took a trip down to Lot 3 swiped a few iPhones for free Man i’m rolling round my ends Rolling round with friends I be in and out that TT I be in and out that Benz I be in and out that coupe I be out there for that loot CP Gang, money man You should already know what I do I can’t stay bummy like you I get paid to do what I do Truey and the Loubis man What the fuck you know about shoes? Flow’s infectious, no anthrax No tetris, I got grand stacked I’m restless, I don’t sleep, I smoke weed and bang tracks I got P’s and sip yack Zone out and sit back Her big ass on my lap but she won’t see my cash
(Face Vega) Go from docile to throat smiles In no time, we pro violence Professional, code of silence No retirement No retirement Till I'm reclining in the fire pit Snuff beezelbub for scuffing my sneakers up Whoa, We the ones We the ones sprinkle the keef in the blunt Chief anesthesia, it's keeping us numb Creepin to come on the skeezerous tongues Leisurely crumble the leaves and we steam em and breathe em, releasing it from deep in my lungs No one will believe We seen the things we seen Seen the things we seen in our dreams No one will believe (Mean) Lights, camera, action The limelight, the fashion The heartbreaks, the passion I am nothing but the heart of destruction Dark thoughts and rainbows colliding in space Providing a place of solemn peace in a broken place Order in chaos in a land of disgrace Who speaks with a voice, unheard but still roar with a fight The spark it ignites The fuse in the light in the brightest of days and the darkest of nights Dive deep in the ocean in search of the potion I live in the motion that conveys the devotion Gone
Time Bomb 03:13
If ignorance is bliss then homie, this feels like heaven I'm cloud surfin’ these waves These bitches be poppin bottles I'm poppin’ tabs of that yellow yellow dirty fellow This mellow type wave be only for the brave, kid Say kid, now tell me can you handle that? You ain't ready for this yet I'll kill you bar for bar Imprison you with the scars then leave you to die alone Black boots, black suits, black hats Tick-tock I'm a time bomb I'm a time bomb Delusional with the thoughts I'm shakespeare with the plots Pray this young lord Pray this young lord dies Young dumb full of umm... Tick tock I'm a time bomb I'm a time bomb And I know that they don't get me They think that I speak funny I'm done playing these games I'm outchea gettin' money Sippin’ blizzard icy cold beer (No fear in their eyes) Eyes shut but I see clear (No fear in their lies) When it’s pitch black I get mad hyped cos bitch i’m the bad type Told you i’m the illest out You think that i’m mad right? Feisty with the dollar sign grind peep the paper scheme Esoteric vision, bitch I’m crystal methamphetamine That’s right I’m crystal methamphetamine Leave you staying up all night while i’m fucking Billy Jean


Take a flight into Mean's mind. Where dark thoughts and rainbows collide in space, providing a place of solemn peace in a broken place. In Flight gives you an insight through his vision, his thirst for success, power and material possessions. Meticulously crafted to stimulate the mind into a state of high, In Flight will take you on a musical trip into his dreams and reality.


released March 16, 2013

Executive Producers: Mean & Azrael
Artwork by: Mean
Mixed & Recorded by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab


all rights reserved



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